Colours of Culture - (20 - 26 Aug 2016)

Colours of Culture - (20 - 26 Aug 2016)







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an exclusive exhibition of Paintings by


20th - 26th August 2016

Exhibition Opening

20th August 2016
6pm - 8pm

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2nd Floor, Plot # 36-C,

Bukhari Commercial Lane-13,

Khayaban-e-Shujaat, Phase-VI, DHA, Karachi.

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About the Exhibition

Painting has been one of the earliest means of expression, dating back millions of years, and is considered a visual choreography of imagination. A forerunner of the spoken language, this skill gave shape to thoughts and imagination, permitting the artists to depict their ideas. They could illustrate their feelings, construct information and attempt to make sense of their world. Where it becomes difficult to describe something in words, painting gives voice to the unspoken, allowing the artists to discover, realize and research even before they can assign words or connotation to their artwork.


Cognizant of the power of visual expression, Hussain Chandio has once again brought a dazzling solo show to the city, loaded with vibrant arsenal of tantalizing artworks! With his spontaneous strokes, oozing with sumptuous realism, he continues to program customary dynamics into his subjects. One can sense the ephemeral moments, aesthetically frozen, but with a latent motion, thus surpassing the painting's primary obligation of being just a painting. Ostensibly, Chandio aims at giving his audience a resplendent experience of the environment that he portrays exquisitely in his work.


Through a selective process of elimination, the artist paints only the bare necessary objects to give the composition a clutter-free tangible structure. This approach, with the addition of wide-ranging hues of almost fluorescent acrylic pigments, turns the paintings into virtual gateways to the scenes depicted. Art aficionados find themselves drawn into the subject while giving a sense of similar experiences and recollection of memories – something that they have seen before – a déjà vu. His work boasts a subtle touch of nostalgia, a triggering of some long forgotten reminiscences, a walk in the past or a vicarious excursion into the time and the era of the painting. But most of all, the paintings capture the intrinsic spirit of the thriving culture of the country, which throbs in every true denizen's heart!


Though Chandio's draftsmanship is impeccable, but the manner in which he transcends in the application of color, is definitely the artist's primary fetish. Working with skillful combinations of conflicting colors, Chandio manages to create exceptionally harmonized contiguous surfaces. This daunting characteristic speaks volumes about the experience and control which the artist has acquired over years of intensive painting. It is in the passionate manner that he blends the layered hues that the painting takes on an inimitable flavor of a highly expressive work of art. The artist's unwavering perseverance to achieve the intended portrayal grants his paintings an exclusive character which is distinguished and singular.


Chandio is an artist who would like to move beyond the contemporary standards of art and create his work with a difference. He believes in being diverse and futuristic so that he can visualize a world beyond. His work stands testament to his ability to express his subjects from unusual vantage points. This gives an opportunity to the art lovers to savor the diverse aspects of the scenario they may never have seen. The artist's acumen to visualize and implement subjects in the most trying compositions, with difficult perspectives, remains to be his distinguished characteristic.


The current repertoire of work, mostly captured from an aerial vantage, is prolific in its impact which leaves a lasting impression on the audience. It is the profuse feel and empathy that is so obvious from the impressive handling of the subjects, which make Chandio's paintings an exclusive experience to watch!


Hailing from the Dadu district of Sindh, Chandio acquired a master's degree in Fine Arts from the Sindh University, Jamshoro. He has been on the faculty of the Centre of Excellence in Arts and Design, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro. With a personal studio in Hyderabad, he continues to interact frequently with galleries across the country to hold group shows and solo exhibitions. He also envisages career enhancement through the use of web-based exposition, which practically runs across the globe, giving his work an international response and appreciation.


M Saeed Kureshi


Art Critic




Hussain Chandio

Date of Birth:

1976 Karachi, Pakistan.



Master of Fine Arts in 1st class from University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Sindh, Jamshoro.



2006 to 2013 Lecturer, Center of Excellence in Art & Design,

Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro.

2004 to 2006 Army Public School & College, Thatta.

2003 to 2004 Headquarter 5 Corps Karachi.

2002 to 2003 206 Brigades, Badin.

2000 to 2002 Sindhi Language Authority, Hyderabad.


Work Displayed:

Worked Display in 206, Brigade Badin 5 Corp. Headquarter, Karachi.

J.L.A Shinkyari & other places.

Work Display at ASC Center Nowshera.



2016            ARTCITI Gallery, Karachi.

2016            Solo Show, Hamail Art Gallery Lahore.

2015            Solo Show, Gallery 6 Islamabad.

2010            Solo Show, Sindh Museum, Hyderabad.

2009            Solow Show, Majmua Gallery, Karachi.

2003            Solo Show Heaven House School, Thatta.

2015            Group Show, Oyster Gallery Lahore.

2015            Group Show, Sindh Museum, Hyderabad.

2015            Group Show, Unicorn Gallery Karachi.

2014            Group Show, Coopera Gallery Lahore.

2014            Group Show, Cross Border Gallery U.A.E.

2014            Group Show, Grandeur Gallery Karachi.

2013            Group Show, Unicorn Gallery Karachi.

2012            Group Show, Coopera Gallery Lahore.

2012            Group Show, Unicorn Gallery Karachi.

2011            Group Show, Jharokha Gallery Islamabad.

2011            International Group Show in Islamabad.

2010            Group Show, Institute of Arts & Design, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

2009            Group Show, Kunj Art Gallery, Karachi.

2009            Group Show, Institute of Arts & Design, University of Sindh, Jamshoro

2008            Group Show, International University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

2006            Group Show, Mehran Colors Art Council, Hyderabad.




Pakistan is a country effervescing with richness in art and culture.  ARTCITI, a Karachi based innovative art gallery adds flavor to this wealth by expanding local creativity and taking it to a global level. As a wide platform for promoting Pakistani art, ARTCITI aims to become an art powerhouse. With a state-of-the-art gallery and an impressive online portal, it provides an abundance of art to people all around the world. ARTCITI believes in enabling visitors to experience variety while selecting pieces best suited for their taste. Hence, from the classic works of seasoned legends to contemporary forms by refreshing newcomers, ARTCITI offers something to all palates. Open to the world, ARTCITI envisions Pakistani art to reach new heights of recognition. 


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