S. A. Noory's Exhibition - (8 - 13 Jan 2018)

S. A. Noory's Exhibition - (8 - 13 Jan 2018)



 Invites you to

an exclusive exhibition of paintings by


8th - 13th January, 2018

Exhibition Opening

8th January, 2018
6pm - 8pm

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About the Exhibition

S.A Noory’s emergence on the art canvas in 1998 gave recognition to the magic that he paints in his miniature pieces. The details that he focuses on in his paintings speak for the love that he has for his work. His play with the colors, shadows, lines and presentation of expression tell a story of their own. It is hard to express in words the details that he focuses on in his pieces; be it the embroidery on clothes of the figures or mosaic presentation on the structures that he paints. His works require for an art lover to stand, observe and absorb the fine work that he presents. Only a personal experience with his miniature pieces can explain the feelings that these invigorate.

In this exhibition, he has taken his work to another level, especially with the colors that he has used in his paintings. These vibrant and loud colors sketch the whole mood that these pieces present. Again as it is said, it will only be fair to see these pieces personally to value the work that he has put in each and every piece. We hope you will enjoy this latest presentation from one of the finest miniature artists that Pakistan has produced.

Amir Shehzad

S. A. Noory Turban, 11 x 14 Inch, Watercolor on Paper, AC-SAN-025
S. A. Noory, Goldfinch, 08 x 10 Inch, Watercolor on Paper, AC-SAN-020
S. A. Noory, Jhuggi , 20 x 28 Inch, Gouche on Wasli, AC-SAN-041
S. A. Noory, Mumtaz Mahal, 6 x 7 Inch, Miniature Painting, AC-SAN-035
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