Abdul Hayee

Abdul Hayee

“My mission is to promote creativity; learning and growth in the lives of aspiring artists by teaching them the techniques of art using water colors as a medium of expression.

I advise my pupils to look past the obvious, observe the environment closely and engage with the subject matter that they want to paint. I want to challenge them to see beyond the

conspicuous self and capture the uniqueness in nature. I hope to kindle in them a passion and appreciation for arts and our culture.

My own inspiration is nature, in all its colorful grandeur and vibrancy; and the way sunlight makes them shine in brilliant splendour. Under the hide and seek of natural sunlight, using

traditional water colors, whether it is a simple landscape, the harbour, old architecture or flowers; I aim to capture movement and life making the colors on my palette sing to my

dancing brush strokes on paper.

My work is an examination of the simple yet different forms in nature, presenting them in the way our environment is formed and the way I behave within it. My water colors are a

celebration of life, treasuring the local, small-scale, the ordinary people who build the boats at the harbor, fish in our seas, tend to our gardens and flowers, preserve our heritage,

all-in all, taking care of them for us; the creative ones, to view, paint and present.

My water colors pay tribute to the natural world, serving as a reminder to slow down and reconnect with nature.

Abdul Hayee, 15 x 22 inch, Watercolor on Paper, Floral Painting, AC-AHY-021

Abdul Hayee, 15 x 22 inch, Watercolor on Paper, Floral Painting, AC-AHY-021

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$25,000.00 Ex Tax: $25,000.00

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