Abrar Ahmed

Abrar Ahmed

Viewing the art of Abrar, one shares the enormous enjoyment the artist obviously relishes in the changing moods of colours. A self taught artist in the tradition of Sadequain and Gulgee, Abrar freely delves into the romance of classical miniature painting, and fuses contemporary styles with stunning results. One discovers ethnic patterns, diverse textures and explosions of colours that are breath taking.

The artist's subject, a bejeweled and gracefully draped woman, is often the centre of composition that includes a musical instrument or birds for company. Perhaps these cameos refer to the romantic period of the Emperor Jehangir when times were peaceful and lovers- together and apart- appeared to be a favoured subject. Birds- the messengers of Mughal art- are familiars and obviously important to the sinuous forms that dominate the brilliant colouration and powerful textural interest of their settings.

One painting in particular that includes a musical instrument has a rhythmic pattern that dances across the surface of the work. Here the linear detail that is important to the artist is much in evidence. In the centre of the canvas the subject is seated on a wall composed of small dark tiles, the pattern intervenes with an exquisite blue vase and bright green leaves.

Abrar's work may be interpreted on historical or philosophical levels yet it is also the work of an imaginative min d and a deeply feeling creative individual. The artist related that his work is inspired by Urdu ghazals that are described as a poetic expression of the pain of separation from a loved one; certainly in Abrar's work it appears that every painting is a poem.

Date of Birth:   1953


One Men Shows

2016   Artciti Gallery Karachi.

2012  Ocean Art Gallery Karachi.

2012  Ocean Art Gallery Lahore.

2011  Nomad Art Gallery Islamabad

2008  Chawkandi Art Gallery Karachi.

2008  Nomad Art Gallery,Islamabad.

2007  Nomad Art Gallery,Islamabad.

2007  Bagash Art Gallery,Dubai.

2006  Nomad Art Gallery,Islamabad.

2005  Ejaz Art Gallery,Lahore

2005  Unicon Art Gallery,Karachi.

2005  Nomad Art Gallery,Islamabad.

2004  Hamail Art Galley,Lahore

2004  Nomad Art Gallery,Islamabad.

2003  Clifton Art Gallery,Karachi.

2003  Nomad Art Gallery,Islamabad.

2003  Ejaz Art Gallery,Lahore.

2002  Clifton Art Gallery,Karachi.

2002  Nomad art Gallery,Islamabad.

2001  The Art Gallery,Karachi.

2001  Nomad art Gallery,Islamabad.

2000  Ejaz Art Gallery,Lahore.

2000  Nomad art Gallery,Islamabad.

2000  Majmua Art Gallery,karachi.

2000  Nomad Art Gallery,Islamabad.

1998  Nomad Art Gallery,Islamabad.

1997  P/C Art Gallery,Karachi.

1996  V/M Art Gallery,Karachi.

1994  Clifton Art Gallery.

Two Man Shows:

2007  Light Gallery,London (with Jamal Ahmed, Bangladesh)

Selected Group Shows:

2014   ARTCITI Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan

2012   Mussawir Art Gallery Dubai

2007  “Winds Of Change”,at Gallery Pratidev London.

2007  Diva, New York, U.S.A

2006  Grand Hyatt Hotel,Dubai.

2006  Fine Art Gallery,Hong Kong.

2006  Bangash Art Gallery,Dubai.

2006  “Transcending Borders”,At ITC  Mourya Shereton Dehli,India.

2006  Hotel Crown Plaza,Dubai.

2005  Hotel Crown Plaza,Dubai.

2000  French Alliance,Singapore.

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