Aliya Faizi

Aliya Faizi

Artist’s Statement

Any painting is an inner feeling of an artist. Clay and the creation of human being from clay is the subject of my paintings which I have given the name of pottery paint. I paint calligraphy and semi abstract. My painting’s composition is fully based on imagination and cubism. They have a fusion of east and west. Sometimes I also bring a tasteful distortion in it to enhance the level of creativity. Although, I have worked in all the mediums but one medium which is my favorite and which I enjoy the most is oil.

The basic concept of my paintings is that I have related them with clay. I have tried to go deeper into Pots of clay and the existence of human being. As human being is also made up of clay, my work highlights the figurative work with beauty. My concept with paintings is that at first sight it should attract the person seeing it and it should have composition, subject, object and colors in perfect balance.

My paintings are colorful in which life, color and happiness is highlighted. As far as colors are concerned, every color has its own power and leaves its own impression. This is also artist’s work to impress the viewer through colors. I believe that colors really affect life. Dull colors depress you whereas bright colors make you happy which is itself a sign of life.

Summary of qualifications 

Mashkoor Art School Karachi Fine Arts.

Graduation in Fine Arts

Print Making


Professional experience.

Artistic experience15 years

Additional professional activities.

Hosted several religious and Art programs on TV channels. Worked as an Actor in PTV drama serial ‘Baarh’

Professional Memberships.

Lifetime membership at Arts council and Civil Aviation Club.

Member of P.A.C.C (Pakistan American Cultural Centre)


Promotion and awareness of Arts in the society.

Community Service

Gave paintings as a charity in civil hospital and Nomad art gallery earthquake victims.

Donated paintings at Unicorn art gallery for Flood victims in 2010.

Collaborated with The Indus Hospital for patient’s welfare in 2015 and Donated paintings for the treatment of underprivileged.

Interests and activities.

Handicrafts, Informative programs and reading books.

Selected Solo Shows:

1999: Solo Exhibition at Pearl continental hotel Karachi

2004: Solo Exhibition at Momart Gallery

2008: Solo Exhibition at Shakil Ismail art gallery

2009: Solo Exhibition at Shakil Ismail art gallery   

2011: Solo Exhibition at Indus Gallery

2012: Solo Exhibition at Pakistan American Cultural Center (PACC)

2014: Solo Calligraphy Show in Virginia, USA

2014: Solo Show at Nairang Art Gallery, Lahore

2015:  Solo Show at Karachi Gymkhana for charity

2015:  Solo Show at Commune Artist Colony

2018:  Solo show in Studio 7 art gallery

2019:  Solo show in Los Angeles USA

Exhibition Details.

1995:  Group show from Quaid-e-Azam award in arts council, Group show in water color painting

1996: Group show for sadequain award

1997: Group show for sadequain award, Group show at arts council of Pakistan

1998: Group show at Hotel Sheraton art gallery

1999: Group show in Funkaar art gallery, Millenniums Group show at arts council of Pakistan.

2000: Group show in Zeenani art gallery

2001: Urban Voice-V at Sheraton art gallery

2002: Group show in Tari jay gallery, Group show at national sailing club.

2003: Group show in zohra’s art gallery, Financial ideas, Group show at expo Centre, 8th national exhibition of visual art,

Group show at Nomad art gallery Islamabad.

2004:  3 man show in zeenani art gallery, group show in unicorn art gallery, summer art show at nomad art gallery Islamabad,

4th international calligraphic exhibition guild Lahore, Financial Ideas expo Centre.

2005: Group show at gulmohar gallery, Group show at samanzar art gallery

2006: Group show at kunj art gallery, Group show at the art gallery, Group show at Delton art gallery, group show at Nomad art galler Islamabad,

calligraphic show at gulmohor art gallery, Hamara Karachi 3rd anniversary of Gulmohor art show.

2007: Group show at gulmohor art gallery, summer show at nomad art gallery Islamabad, 3 man show at gulmohor art gallery,

women artist arts council Karachi.

2008: Group show at Nomad art gallery, Group show at Indus gallery

2009: Group show at art flow, Group show of senior artists at Karachi school of arts, Pen and ink show at gallery 919.

2010: 3 women show at Nomad art gallery Islamabad.

2010: Gave paintings for the auction at unicorn art gallery for flood victims.

2011: Group show at epic art gallery Karachi.

2011: Group show at Grandeur art gallery Karachi.

2012: Group show of calligraphy at Grandeur art gallery Karachi.

2012: Two person’s show at Fine Art Pakistan of paintings and ceramics.

2012: Group show at gallery 6 Islamabad.

2012: Group show at Singapore.

2013: Calligraphy show at Creative Art Gallery Karachi.

2013: Group show in AP gallery Islamabad

2014: Women show at City art gallery.    

2015: Group show at Institute of Business Administration (IBA-Karachi)

2015: Group show at Dream Art Gallery

2016: Group show at Grandeur Art Gallery

2016: Group show at Ezel Art Gallery

2017: Group show at Grandeur Art Gallery

2017: Group show at Studio seven Dubai

2017: Group show at Ezel Art Gallery

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