Alina Saeed

Alina Saeed

I am movement, I am color, I am sunshine and I am ultimately love which will become a part of this world with every brush stroke I make.

Yes I am a painter, I see colors, I hear colors, I touch senses are filled by them. They are a language for me that I translate on canvas. I work will oil colors as it gives me freedom to express. My canvas is my world of ultimate freedom.

I am Alina, a very tradition daughter of a Pakistani federal government employee. Born youngest in a family of six children who lived as white collared class. There was no sister around me. I was raised and educated in traditional Pakistani manner where I always had lesser rights than a boy. My education was marked, I was trained to be a housewife with my fate sealed in an arranged marriage; where there was no love.

But somewhere I realized that I am more than that. I matter, I can express that is when I started subject is simply me. I introspect the woman in me. I model for myself sometimes I take my pictures and use them to draw myself .sometimes I paint straight through by looking inside my soul .or more practical people would say seeing my true self in my mind. I paint what I feel.

The socio dynamics of the society where I live in don’t appreciate my art much. I am bounded here to live by my responsibilities and my comfort zone.however woman expressive ???? In form of bold colors in touch of her own sensuality is not what allowed in this part of the world. But it makes me happy; and that what I search for in life happiness.

The biggest joy comes from painting the canvas black then grey and then adding colors to it. It’s like a solar eclipse lifting. It’s like when one has power to shape your one’s destiny.

One by one the colors of life materializes, these colors make a whole world, a whole life. The one so interesting in which each twenty four hours have a separate life altogether. Each moment with a separate story of joy.

Sometimes I use brushes but often I paint with my hands.

The energy is boundless and so is the depth of emotions. I wasn’t trained to paint, I am self-taught and I cherish that. This is my quest; this is my happiness.

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