Milan Tucovic

Milan Tucovic

Already in the early, boyish drawings Milan Tucovic could be felt fine nature of one God-given talent. Driven by strong creative dajmonionom, Milan Tucović be since childhood passion teaches drawing, invoking a line a mile and Vilinjam childhood. Tucovic the poet drawings, draftsman rich artistic subconscious and narrative invention. Milan Tucović was born in Pozega 1965. He graduated sculpture at the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 1991 when he did a sculpture of Danilo Kis. 

Security and clarity of its language, among other things, arises from loyalty figuration and the human form. They see themselves in this language roots sculpture, the artist's first call, but also traces of Yugoslav surrealism and its extension through the current "fantastic art" whose theorist and practitioner of a painter and writer Leonid Sheikh. The process of magical realism, bringing the crossing and perceptual elements, the real world in order Tucovic creates surreal metaphysical worlds in which all care about time and movement.

He is winner of third award of Yugoslav competition for Ćirilo I Metodije monument, Skoplje (1986). Turning point in his creative work representstravelling in Venice, Italy and visiting exibition of Tician, when he is turning to painting. It is start of repeat of many exibition in country and abroad, praise eminent artists and awards. Milan become one of unavoidable represent of conteporary serbian art. Unique of his poetic reflected in influence of films of Bergam, Bunjuel, Tarkovski. He sculpturing fiures, time and space in his paints and giving them irresistible subjectivity.


Solo exhibitions:

2014 Steps Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2013 B – Stile Gallery, Maihama, Japan

2013 Room 306 Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2013 Uroboros Gallery, Beograd, Serbia

2012 “Likovni susreti” Gallery, Subotica, Serbia

2011 Gallery of Memorial Museum “October 21.”, Kragujevac, Serbia

2010 Museum of Rudnik – Takovo Area, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

2009 Uroboros Gallery, Beograd, Serbia

2009 RTS Gallery, Beograd, Serbia

2009 Modern Gallery, Valjevo, Serbia

2007 Uroboros Gallery, Beograd, Serbia

2007 “Marble and Sounds” Art Review, 99 Gallery, Arandjelovac, Serbia

2005 City Gallery, Užice, Serbia

2005 “Days of European Heritage”, Bajina Bašta, Serbia

2005 Cultural Center of Serbia and Montenegro, Paris, France

2004 Sesion House Garden, Tokyo, Japan

2003 City Gallery, Arilje, Serbia

2003 City Gallery, Požega, Serbia

2002 Centre D` Art Conterporain, Feurs, France

2002 Galerie D` Art Conterporain, Chamaliers, France

2002 France Cultural Center, Beograd, Serbia

2000 Modern Gallery, Valjevo, Serbia

2000 Pizana Gallery, Podgorica, Montenegro

1997 Foundation of King Petar I, Topola, Serbia

1996 Kolarac People’s University, Beograd, Serbia

1996 Modern Gallery, Budva, Montenegro

1995 Modern Gallery, Budva, Montenegro

1995 Etnographic Museum in Belgrade, Serbia

1993 Kolarac People’s University, Beograd, Serbia

1992 Studentski grad Gallery, Beograd, Serbia

1991 U podrumu Gallery, Beograd, Serbia


Participated in many group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. 

Milan Tucovic, Break, 12 x 16 Inch, Watercolour on Paper, Figurative Painting, AC-MTC-007

Milan Tucovic, Break, 12 x 16 Inch, Watercolour on Paper, Figurative Painting, AC-MTC-007

Milan Tucovic, Break, 19 x 22 Inch, Watercolour on Paper, Figurative Painting, AC-MTC-004..

$90,000.00 Ex Tax: $90,000.00

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